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Michael Leaf (EN, Next Level Mastermind)
"I Would Absolutely Encourage Anyone
Without Reservation To Get Involved

Tammy Kelly (Club Freedom Society)
"6 Sales, From Only 100 Clicks.

More Than Paid For My Solo!"

David Smith (My Advertising Pays)
"3 Sales, From Only 100 Clicks.

Just Amazing Definitely Getting More"

Pete Pritchard (EN, Next Level Mastermind)
"Received More Value Than.

Any Other Internet Marketer"

Why My Traffic Services
Leave The Competition For Dead
And Why Clients Keep Coming Back
Each And Every Time

So if you're serious about building your list with high quality in mind then I would like to share with you my high-ROI traffic. So you can start enjoying higher list engagement, ROI and profitability in your online business.

But if you're looking for a cheap click option then stop reading this and leave this page, as this offer isn't for you.

This is a limited time offer as there are only a certain amount of buyers on my list. This is for Internet Marketers who are willing to invest in their business and be rewarded with quality in return.

Extremely smart business owners that see the bigger picture...

High customer value over an extended period of time versed short-term gain

Profit longevity vs. lower advertising costs.

There’s nothing is more frustrating than having your time wasted by tire kickers that aren’t willing to invest in their business in the way that’s profitable. If you are one of those people then please leave.

I’m willing to help people that are looking to get high returns on their investments as high as $1.00+ on every $1 invested.

Because that's the only way you build a long-lasting income and equity that works.

This is where the REAL profits are.

Clients Keep Telling Me They Want More Because...

1# Hyper Responsive Email Subscribers
From Spendaholic Buyers Lists

The PRIMARY weapon is... "Email Buyers Lists",

Traffic which typically converts 20-30% higher than most traditional traffic methods…

'These are Serious Buyers that have a long established history of buying products and services inside your niche market.'

They certainly are NOT your typical freebie seeking tire-kickers on your list... that you receive from other traffic sources.

#2 A Rare Traffic Provider That Actually
Cares About Your Business

Have you ever experienced those 'so called' quality traffic providers that treat you like another rotator link rather than an actual person or business owner?

You know the type that couldn't care less to at least or reply to your communications in a timely fashion?

We have your best interests at heart.

#3 Risk Free Opt-in Guaranteed
With All Traffic Purchases

We ALL know just how profitable Solo Ads can be and how they can transform your business from one that's struggling to establish momentum into one that's bringing in more money than you could imagine.

You Get Opt-ins Or Your Solo Is FREE!

No Strings, No Catch, I get it!

Allow me to help you and together we can prosper!

#4 Fresh Evergreen Subscribers List
Ready To Skyrocket Your Sales

Refresh new leads are added to my list everyday to keep my list evergreen and responsive to meet your requirements.

They are genuinely engaging with your offer because they are interested in what.

YOU bring to the table for THEM in the marketplace.

#5 A Minimum of 90% T1 To English Speaking
Countries US,NZ,IE,AUS,GB,CA

High levels of quality traffic is assured with a minimum of 90% from english speaking countries. Built strong from relationships formed over years of conversing and nurturing.

Positioning yourself best for sales and high ticket upsells.

#6 Extreme Levels Of Customer Service
And Technical Support

Clients receive the 'personal touch' that allows all communications to be effortless. Technical assistance is provided as part of the service for minor technical issues.

No longer is technical challenges a barrier.

#7 Always Exceed Expectation

Only unique clicks are counted towards purchased traffic packages. No safe lists, pop ups, pop unders or any other kind of low quality traffic methods.


#8 Free Opt-in Page Critique And
Follow-up Sequence Advice

With each and every order you have the option of receiving a free opt-in page critique if you choose to. Along with autoresponder email follow-up sequence advice

Allowing you to maximize your results with each traffic run.

#9 You Get To Knock The Guru's
Off The Leaderboards

Have you ever wanted to discover what it feels like to knock one of the big Guru's off the leaderboards in your biz op? Making a name for yourself in the marketing industry?

Then no worries, let's make a plan.

#10 The Go To Traffic Source
Of The Success Wizards

Clients soon become experts in their chosen niche markets with the help of my services and expertise. They also have the opportunities to register for one of my 6 month mentoring programs or if they prefer have a sales funnel built for them.

If you have the desire to succeed, then it's inevitable.

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1. Decide on the traffic package you require

2. Click 'Order Now' and process order

3. Follow on screen instructions

4. Contact me either via Email or Facebook to discuss further

#Note if you testing your sales funnel it's best to test with either 200 click packages or 500 click packages in order to achieve consistent measurable results.

Elite Premium Traffic

Elite Premium Traffic (T1 90%) Brand new traffic source that converts like crazy, given the right offer. These packages are for the elite marketer wanting to obliterate their competition. They are typically delivered between 4-12 days depending on volume.

For click packages greater than 1000 clicks, please contact me by email or Facebook me to discuss!

Terms And Conditions And Other Important Information

  • I reserve the right to cancel and refund your payment if your offer does not suit my list
  • I will NOT send traffic earlier than scheduled date unless we agreed on it.
  • Traffic will be delivered within 4-12 days (most likely earlier). Larger orders over 1000 clicks will take longer to deliver, will advise.
  • At least 90 % of traffic is T1 - US,NZ,IE,AUS,GB,CA (typically higher but can't guarantee).
  • All prices are for unique visitors clicks.
  • Professional squeeze/capture page review is provided upon request.
  • As a rule, I will write a professional email ad-copy to my own list
  • I cannot determine your results and the amount of sales you will get, thats up to you.
  • There are no refunds on delivered traffic.


Email: Matt@matthewdillingham.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mdillingham1

Matthew Dillingham